Our resident cheetahs can’t be released back into the wild, and they need your help. It costs $5,000 per year to feed, house, and provide medical care for our resident cheetahs.

CCF also trains Livestock Guarding Dogs (LGDs) to protect farmers’ livestock. By living with the herd and barking when they perceive a threat they have been able to minimize human/predator conflict by 80% in Namibia. Raising and training one LGD costs $500 and CCF usually places thirty -- forty dogs per year.

You will receive twice yearly updates on your sponsorship! After you complete your donation you will be given links to choose your cheetah.

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Photo by Suzi Eszterhas

Our programs have proven results. Donate in confidence; when you give to CCF you are supporting the best in scientific research, educational programing, and conservation.

You will understand that we do sometimes exchange animals with other organizations for breeding and other purposes, and that occasionally we are able to release them into the wild. So while your \'sponsorship\' is nominally earmarked for an individual animal, we must reserve the right to redirect your donation to another animal or group of animals if the need arises.

Note: If you are having difficulty completing your donation, please call 1-866-909-3399 x101

If you would like to make a donation by check, please mail to Cheetah Conservation Fund, PO Box 2496, Alexandria, VA 22301

If this donation is in honor of someone, please leave their contact information in the comments section below.